I’ll tell you how I can help.

tell me what your org does

When the words on your website motivate your readers to support you, it means you can achieve your mission with less legwork. And that’s in everyone’s best interest.

Corporations understand the power of good copywriting. It’s what makes us all jump to buy things (even things we don’t need, sometimes).

I want to see a world where the power of excellent copy is in the hands of the people like you: people who are fighting for greater equity, championing community care, and working to save the planet.

Good like… 
-Advancing equity and justice
-Meeting people’s needs (housing, healthcare, joy, etc)
-Creating a better, safer world for LGBTQ+ people, women, and BIPOC folx

Copywriting is scary powerful at getting people to do things.
It should be used to do good.

I spent my early career in-house at nonprofits, writing emails to try to get people to do things like contact their legislators, donate, access services, etc.

Put the words in the right order, tell stories with empathy, utilize correct syntax and grammar, and pour your heart into it. I thought that’s what great writing boiled down to. 

I thought I knew a lot about effective nonprofit comms.

Story Time...

But when I started training as a conversion copywriter? Everything changed.

Good writing can teach people things — it can even make people feel things. But good copywriting? It uses psychology to effectively persuade readers to take action.

Copywriting was (and is) the most powerful communication tool I had ever encountered. It's not only a creative process; it's a strategic one. First, we learn everything we can about your audience (from you and from them). Then, we use that research to inform words that drive action.

The clients I've worked with have seen some seriously impressive results: subscriber growth, higher open rates on emails, and clarity about how to attract the supporters they want. They've even said things like, “This might be the best money I’ve ever spent on my business.”

But that's beside the point. The point? Copywriting can probably work for you, too. It can help you achieve your mission.

this is how we achieve it

The possibilities are endless. You tell me what’s at the top of your priority list, and we can talk about how to achieve it with words.

share their story

Contact their legislators

fill out an application

Donate to your org

What action do you want your readers to take?

Too many of us lack the ability to see that our intent does not match our words and we are left wondering why people can't see it. Kaitlyn can see the bigger picture, connect your words with your intent, and create something actionable and meaningful for the reader.”

—Tom, Tualatin Valley Water District

"Kaitlyn challenges you to better align your words with your goals.

LEARN how we create words that make your supporters feel seen

We have that in common. Before I became a copywriter, I worked at Planned Parenthood as a health center assistant. It was my job to make people feel seen, supported, and cared for as they accessed fundamental services.

I approach copywriting in a similar way. Your reader might not be seeking services, but the words on your website can still meet them with empathy, answer their questions, and explain what you do in clear, simple language. When they leave your website, they can feel empowered, seen, and fired up to create a better world.

You probably care deeply about your people and communities.

if you're reading this...

I could go into all of her certifications (there are a lot!), but the most important piece of info that I want you to know about Kaitlyn: she can write for any industry because she has an incredible grasp of the human experience.

She can dive deep into pain points, with succinct language, without making the reader feel overwhelmed. I will stop rambling now. I just promise she is so good at this." 

—Rachel Greiman, Green Chair Stories

"Kaitlyn writes copy that makes people feel so seen and understood.

get better words, take more naps

When your new website copy gets you more funding, credibility, and community support, my hope is that it frees up some of your time so you can focus on your mission, take a deep breath, and maybe even get some rest.

(Mission-driven work can be extraordinarily demanding. Rest is also resistance. For more on this, check out the incredible work being done by Tricia Hersey and The Nap Ministry. Not all heroes take naps, but I strongly believe they should. 😴)

Your readers hit the donate button faster than you can send them an email that says, “Please consider making a…”

People who read your site trust your org. Your words give you legitimacy and show people (including funders and foundation reps) that you are a force in your community

Your readers easily understand what you do and how they can help or be involved

Prospective supporters visit your site and feel like every word they read is speaking directly to them


Imagine the words on your website can take some fundraising off your plate.

We’re very protective of the people and communities we work with. How do we know we can trust you?

Got questions? I’ve got answers.

I love that you care deeply about your people (we have that in common). If we work together, know that I will muster every fiber of empathy, deep listening, and care (for you, your mission, and your communities) that I have. But I also know we just met. Trusting a white woman you found on the internet is hard. So here are more of my credentials and process:

I have a background in reproductive healthcare, gender affirming care, and mental health outreach. This means I’m trained in empathetic, supportive communication and destigmatizing language. I will always ask you about preferred language around identities, communities, and experiences before I make assumptions, and I’ll always work carefully with you to craft language that makes your people feel supported and seen. 

I’ll also always take care to learn as much as I can about issues that impact your community from members of your community (via books, articles, and courses) before we even meet. I’ll be radically honest with you about what I don’t know, too, because it’s important that if I don’t understand something critical to your mission and your people, I learn it.

Which social justice issues are you most familiar with or passionate about?

As a former healthcare worker, autonomy, reproductive justice, gender-affirming care, and abortion care are near and dear to my heart. I’m also passionate about disability justice, mental healthcare access, and decriminalizing mental illness. Labor justice, too. (The list doesn’t end there, but for brevity’s sake, I’ll stop.)

I know that all forms of injustice are connected (thanks to Kimberlé Crenshaw’s brilliant work on intersectionality). So are all forms of liberation. And I’m passionate about our collective liberation. To quote my gal Glennon Doyle, “I care the most about everything.”

Long story short: if you’re fighting for dignity and justice, I want to work with you.

Our budget is tight. How do we know it’s the right time to make this investment?

I get it. It’s important that your dollars go as far as they can to benefit the communities you serve. And I wouldn’t be offering website copy to mission-driven orgs if I didn’t know how impactful good copy can be.

If you’re not sure whether it’s the right time to work with a copywriter, go ahead and book a free discovery call. I’m happy to tell you more about how I would approach your project, and I'll be the first to send you in another direction if I don't think it's the right time, or if there's another writer who's a better fit for what you need. The goal of this call is clarity, not to sell you on what I do. Seeing how I'd approach your project strategically might help you feel clear about whether this investment is right for you.

We want you to rewrite our site. How long will it take to get our new copy?

Three weeks total. Once we get the contract signed and invoice taken care of, we’ll have our kickoff call on a Tuesday. You’ll receive your first draft two weeks after that. (This gives me enough time to share my first draft with a professional editor, so you get two sets of eyes on your copy before it lands in your inbox.) Then, we spend one more week polishing it up to make sure every word sounds like you and helps you achieve your mission. Reach out to get the process started →

Can you design our site, too?

You wouldn't want me to (words are what I do best.) Instead, I’ve got a list of wonderfully talented designers you can choose from, or I can choose someone and manage that piece of the project. We'll work together so you can trust that the words and the design work together, too.

How much do your services cost?

Done-for-you website copy is $4700 for five pages, and another $800 per page you add on. To get a more specific quote or to chat about what you might need, fill out my inquiry form, or hop on a free discovery call with me to talk it out. If budget is a concern, we can talk about options like copy coaching or DIY website copy hackathons. And if you want free strategy and copy tips, get on my email list.

We need more than 5 pages written. Can you help with additional pages?

You bet. Get in touch, and we’ll talk about what you need.

Get simple, to-the-point emails once a week that tell you how to make your words sound better and accomplish more. No spam, only strategy.

Never ask yourself, "Is there a more effective way to say this?" again