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Want website words that do that? You've made your way to the right corner of the internet.

give people who read your site that goosebumps, sign-me-up-and-take-my-money, a-better-world-really-is-possible feeling

present your organization as a trusted thought leader

motivate your supporters to take action

and that's only part of what you want your website to communicate.
you also probably want to...

Your mission, vision, and values are too important to be misunderstood.

I was rebranding and knew that I needed help, like really badly, to convey my message and draw in an inclusive community. I had all these thoughts swirling in my head, but froze every time I sat down to put words on the page.

From the moment I first spoke to Kaitlyn I knew she was going to be my person. She immediately made me feel connected and heard. She created a safe space for me to process all my thoughts out loud and really connect into my unique voice. I am so proud of what we created. I am excited to share my website. I even have more self confidence showing up in the world and with clients using my authentic voice. 

-Ashlee Burke, Love Joy Collective

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"Best money I have ever spent on my business!

What the people are Saying:

But at some point, you learn that fundraising is not only necessary — it's an act of love for your community.

You also learn how to do it effectively: you meet donors where they're at, empathize with what they care about, and give them the opportunity to make an impact by asking directly for their support.

You're a pro at having those conversations. But you probably don't have time to talk to everyone who visits your website. That's where we come in...


Most people don't go into the nonprofit sector because they love asking people for money


Website copy always feels like it can be pushed to the back burner, even though you know it’d be a valuable investment.

picture your future website...
We'd use this headline to capture your supporters' attention and make it a no-brainer for them to keep reading.

You probably already know that's possible, but you're also probably too busy to write those action-inspiring words, yourself.

You and your team are applying for grants, executing day-to-day tasks, and working in community.

The words on your website can do more than inform your audience of what you do.

They can generate support & inspire your readers to take action

If your website isn't fundraising for you, you're missing out on huge donation potential.

(on the first or second round of edits, not the seventeenth)

will give it their all to get your messaging right

respects the communities you work with

shares your values — equity, justice, and compassion, to name a few

knows how to help you achieve your mission with words

you need to know you're working with someone who...

Your voice and your story are powerful.

If you work with a writer, you need to know you can trust them to help you amplify that power.

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trained website copywriter with a background in social justice-focused work.

Being a conversion copywriter means I specialize in writing words that get people to do things: click the "donate" or "share" button, join your email list, apply to work with you, contact legislators, or (are you dreaming up action items you want your readers to take yet? Good!)

Having a background in social justice-focused work means I care about your mission as much as you do (especially if it makes life better for LGBTQ people, women, or people of color). If you trust me with your voice, I will do everything I can to be worthy of that trust: listen deeply to what you need, share and utilize every strategy at my disposal, and deliver copy that sounds like it could have been written by someone on your team (only better).

i'm kaitlyn hickmann (she/her)

i'm here to make all of that^ feel easy

As a conversion copywriter, my job is not just to understand your messaging, mission, and values.

It’s to use strategy, research, and psychology to write words that will motivate your audience to take action.

When you work with Unstoppable Copy, we donate $100 to a grassroots org. You can specify an org that you’d like your $100 to go to, or you can leave it to us.

(and fund abortions and queer joy at the same time)

Get your website written...

we support

You want your comms team to have the best tools available to align your writing with your organization's goals.

The redistribution

Give your team the tools to strategize like copywriters

Let's write you a website that speaks to your supporters and makes it a no-brainer for them to take action.

The Revolution

Get website copy that works to achieve your mission

Let's take the website you already have, and make it more actionable, reader-focused, and aligned with your goals.

The Renaissance

Take your existing website and make it better

Three ways to work with Unstoppable Copy

Your job can feel tedious, overwhelming, and sometimes downright exhausting, but if your mission advances equity, justice, or belonging? It's worth the effort.

Let’s make it easier by having the words on your website do some of the heavy lifting for you.

You and your team work hard enough.


It’s time we put the words on your website to work

(Or just inquire if you're curious. I don't bite.)

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